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Thanks to my RD peers for the inspiration!

I have finally entered the 21st century with the rest of the progressive registered dietitians I know.  Forgive me as I attempt to get up to speed.  Welcome to Neily on Nutrition!

What can you expect?  Likely whatever is on my mind.  Which often may be prompted by things I see, hear, or read and feel the need to react to.  It might be silly.  It might be serious.  I do expect a lot of what I will be writing about will be nutrition and health in the media. There is so much information on the internet who knows what to believe.  I will try to keep you abreast of what’s hot in the nutrition news.  Although I make no promises because I’ve no idea where this blog is headed!

Being a registered dietitian, I do have a passion for food – eating it, making it, talking about it.  So expect me to muse on various culinary inspirations.  I grew up in the kitchen at my mother’s side.  She’s a fabulous cook and taught me everything I know.  I remember her telling me to “go in the garden and get our salad.”  Ah, to pick fresh lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and enjoy the freshness of it all.  Although I really took it all for granted back then.  When I was out on my own, buying tomatoes for the first time and expecting the deliciousness of what I grew up with.  Reality set in.  What a disappointment!

My wonderful mother – Monet Fennema – and me in Grand Rapids, Michigan September 2009

I long for the days to pick my salad from my own garden.  But I live in Texas now, not the Midwest.  I know it’s possible but you do need sun which I have none.  A wonderfully shaded backyard but not conducive to growing things.  Unfortunately too I was not blessed with a green thumb.  And then I have Great Danes that I’m sure would have a field day playing.  Hmmm, but I can always dream and what’s that saying?  In dreams become realities.

Thanks for reading and I do hope you stick around and read more!  Cheers!

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