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Annoying Advertisements

It’s the type of advertising I’m beginning to see more of and it really annoys me.  I’m reading the paper and turn the page—yes I’m one of a dying breed I know, but I just love a quiet morning with my cup of coffee and the Dallas Morning News, what can I say?

What so innocently looks like another article, upon closer look clearly is not.  The typeface is slightly different.  “World’s Most Perfect Food Stuns Diabetes Researchers in Landmark Trial.”  Yeah, whatever.  Look closely at the top: “paid advertisement”.  Do people really fall for this stuff?  They must because it’s a half page ad in the front section of the DMN—certainly not cheap.

Red flags for me—some subtle, some not so subtle:

  • FREE 30-day supply (but they don’t tell you that a 3-month supply needs to be ordered in order to get that.  At least that’s what it looks like on their website.  I wanted to verify so called the toll-free number—and did several times just to be sure I heard correctly—“Thank you for calling Coldwell Banker Mortgage”.  Oh my.  Someone needs to work on their proofreading.)
  • Throughout the article you never see the full names of “quoted” people, just “Dan” from Laguna Beach or Sandra D. or Christine B.  Certainly they could find someone who would disclose their real name?
  • Use of the word “diabetic” when referring to someone with diabetes.  Okay I don’t have any objection to someone referring to themselves that way.  I do however object to someone in the healthcare field referring to “diabetics”.  It’s just not politically correct. (I’ll blog about that some other time.)   So if this company knew better, their infomercial would sound more believable not using that terminology.  Granted someone that may be influenced into buying this product probably would have no idea.
  • Reference to research that is never cited.  C’mon now.  What’s up with that?

There were a few more things that bugged me, but I want to write about a similar “ad” which annoyed me even more.  “Type II Diabetes…Do You Really Have To ‘Just Live With It?’”.  This was actually a full page but nowhere did it say “paid advertisement”.  Perhaps it didn’t have to because it’s supposed to be obvious?  I don’t know, but it had that similar article type writing to it complete with the “Dallas, Texas Staff Writer” author at the beginning.

This was actually rather comical to me for a number of reasons.  First of all, here is an ad by a supposed “expert” in diabetes yet refers to it incorrectly as Type II diabetes versus the correct type 2 diabetes.  So your average layperson may not know the difference, but clearly an expert in the field should.  Does he not know that the name officially changed well over a decade ago?  Obviously not.  For shame, for shame.  What else:

  • Have you ever noticed how certain doctors always have to use the title “Dr.”?  I rarely see a Medical Doctor state their name as:  Dr. Ben Wellness, MD (it’s often just Ben Wellness, MD)  But I seem to frequently see…Dr. Ben Wellness, DC (that’s just to make sure you know that the “D” stands for Doctor).
  • The use of SO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamations to MAKE A POINT!  “You need to know how SERIOUS this is!”  “NOTHING could be further from the truth!”  “Do some type II diabetics NEED medications to survive?”  “You’ll need a consultation with an EXPERIENCED doctor.” (You get my point.)
  • Act now because the doctor is VERY busy and ONLY accepting a few patients.  He doesn’t accept everyone so just MAYBE you’ll be one of the LUCKY ones he accepts!  (Aren’t you special?)

Goodness.  Obviously these products are selling.  How else could such expensive ads show up week after week.  People are buying and what a shame.  What a waste of money.

So what do you think of these ads?  Have you seen them?  Do they bug you as much as they do me?

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