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Registered Dietitians are not the Food Police

Big day tomorrow – Super Bowl Sunday!  Regardless of who’s playing I love to hang out with my friends and enjoy their company and of course some good food.  I might DVR it at home so I can re-watch any particularly great commercials.  (Yes I am one of those that loves the ads.  Sure hope there are some good ones!)

Most of the people I’ll be with know my profession and for those that don’t, I won’t publicize. You see, as a registered dietitian sometimes as soon as someone knows, they become self-conscious of what’s on their plate.  Oh gosh – I really hate that.  There is no need to!  And as you watch this video you’ll see I’m not alone in my feelings. My colleague registered dietitian Angela Lemond and I have a nice chat. Many of us like to practice and encourage the 80/20 rule.  If 80-90 percent of the time you do the right thing – eat a healthy diet of fruits/veggies, whole grains, and lean protein, 10-20 percent of the time it’s okay to have a bit of indulgence.

So, if you see me tomorrow, I PROMISE not to say a word about what’s on YOUR plate if you promise not to notice what’s on mine.  Deal?

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