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Diabetes Weight Loss: Week by Week. An interview with author Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD, CDE

Diabetes Wt Loss week by week - jill pic of book

Interview with RD Jill Weisenberger author of Diabetes Weight Loss: Week by Week

I was so fortunate to catch my friend and peer, Jill Weisenberger, for some interviews during a long layover in Dallas. She is a certified diabetes educator and registered dietitian AND now author of Diabetes Weight Loss: Week by Week: A Safe, Effective Method for Losing Weight and Improving Your Health. (To watch video scroll to bottom or click here.)

Neily: Congratulations Jill! Where can we get the book?
Jill: Thank you. You can get it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, the publishers—the American Diabetes Association ( If it’s not in the bookstore yet, it will be there any day. (NOTE: Jill’s book IS now available in bookstores.)
Neily: Wonderful. So, someone who is diagnosed with diabetes. What would be the first words you would say to them?
Jill: Well, often the first thing I SEE in people, is a down look, they’re feeling very upset with this diagnosis. And I can understand that because this is a life-changing diagnosis. But my first bit of advice is not to despair and get some education. There are so many resources out there. We just need to ask our physicians for referrals and we can get what we need. Really and truly all   the resources are out there. So the first thing would be to get a referral for diabetes self-management education classes. That is usually about 9 hours and it could be over several days or over several weeks. And then I would also ask for a referral to a registered dietitian for medical nutrition therapy. Somebody can help you plan the diet that is right for you, right for   your diabetes, along with your medication, your lifestyle, your food preferences. Doesn’t mean you do not have to make changes because you do, but things can be tailored for you. So, it is a very time intensive illness but it can be managed. It starts with education and a good attitude and a willingness to take on new things.
Neily: Excellent. So, there is no ‘diabetic diet’ per se. A registered dietitian is going to help you to plan specifically for you.
Jill: Right. What we often hear about the ‘diabetic diet’ but nothing like that really exists. So there are many ways to a healthy plate. And a registered dietitian can help that person who is newly diagnosed with diabetes find his or her own healthy path to eat right.
Neily: Great. And to help you out, Diabetes Weight Loss: Week by Week: A Safe, Effective Method for Losing Weight and Improving Your Health by Jill Weisenberger. Available now. Thanks so much Jill—great to see you! And thanks for watching Neily on Nutrition and we’ll see you in the next video.
  (Make sure to read and/or watch all 5 interviews with Jill!)


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