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Can’t wait for the Super Bowl commercials!

Can’t wait for Sunday! Big t.v. day as I settle in with friends to watch the Super Bowl 2014 commercials. One in particular is expected to air by General Mills, the maker of beloved Cheerios. Well, not my beloved—I really don’t care for them quite honestly. Sorry GM. Last I remember eating them was as a teenager and even then it was with about 10 teaspoons of sugar.Cheerios-Neily-cereal

Regardless that’s not why I write. I’m anticipating a commercial expected to air. Apparently they’ve purchased a spot as a follow up to another that aired last year. This is the first time since Cheerios hit the market in 1941 that Super Bowl revelers will see them on the big screen. And I can’t wait.

America fell in love with the featured family in this commercial and I did too. Well decent Americans did anyway. GM had to disable comments on their YouTube channel because there was such hate-mongering. Unbelievable. Why? Because the commercial features a white mom and black dad and an absolutely adorable bi-racial little girl. Big whoop. It’s a great commercial. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I apologize to the lovers of Cheerios. It’s a heart healthy cereal and can lower cholesterol because of its soluble oat fiber. Just don’t add a bunch of sugar to it. Oh, and you need to eat 3 cups per day to get the cholesterol lowering effect. Yes, I know—disappointing.

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