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The No Diet Diet for 2015’s the New Year and most certainly we can expect to be bombarded with all sorts of diets and folks setting New Year’s resolutions.

Sure, much of my work is with weight loss, though here’s the kicker, I actually de-emphasize the scale. More importantly, it’s the lifestyle and behavioral changes that ultimately will provide my clients with the abundant energy and life of their dreams. The phrase the no diet diet came to my mind. (Darn, it’s already taken.)

Diets have been around for centuries. Why do people diet? If dieting worked, wouldn’t everyone that went on one be skinny? Of course! In reality it’s quite the contrary.

sandwich-pixabay-dec14-498379__180There are many, many diets. Probably one for each day of the new year. Some diets are healthy—think Mediterranean, plant-based, DASH. I ought to add when I refer to diet, I refer to the way one chooses to eat. I personally have a healthy diet—that doesn’t mean I am on a diet.

Then there are ever-present fad diets promising dramatic results. They often do away with entire food groups or resort to some bizarre practice. Fad diets seldom have lasting success. But in some form or another they’ve been around for a very long time. Examples:

  • The Vinegar Diet was popularized in the 1820s by poet Lord Byron. He would drink vinegar and water daily in order to cleanse his body. Not surprisingly he lost weight—most likely due to the vomiting that resulted from drinking so much vinegar.
  • Fletcherism was one of the more bizarre diet methods. It was introduced by Horace Fletcher in the early 1900s. Known as The Great Masticator, he would chew each bite 32 times (the number of teeth in a normal mouth) and then spit out the remaining food. His concept was that he would extract all the nutrients by chewing. One word—ewww.
  • In the 1920s, cigarettes were advertised as a dieting tool to help keep women thin. Several cigarette companies promoted their cigarettes as having appetite-suppressing qualities.

So many ways to diet

It got me thinking. Use the words—the no diet diet—but change them up a bit. So in a fun mode I went through the alphabet—here’s what I came up with (if you think of more, feel free to post in the comments!):

  • The No Aye It Diet – Reading any Middle English literature is off limits while eating.
  • The No Buy It Diet – Easy enough. If you don’t buy it, you don’t eat it.
  • The No Chai It Diet – Starbucks is definitely off limits. Do you know how many calories those Chai Teas and other beverages have? Whew.
  • The No Dye It Diet – Absolute no artificial coloring should be consumed. Actually not a bad plan overall – this would help eliminate a good amount of manufactured food.
  • The No Eye It Diet – You see it? You can’t eat it!
  • The No Fry It Diet – This one is pretty obvious
  • The No Guy It Diet – For the women that decide instead to just give up men in their life instead of food.
  • The No High It Diet – This is for you Colorado and Washington! Probably not a bad thing anyway—those munchies can really do one in.
  • The No Lie It Diet – All meals/snacks must be consumed sitting at the table being mindful of the food eaten. No lying, reclining, sitting in front of a television or computer.
  • The No Nye It Diet – Eating with Bill Nye the Science Guy is off limits.
  • The No Pi It Diet – You thought I misspelled that didn’t you? Nope, not referring to the pie you eat. This one means you can’t watch The Big Bang Theory while eating.
  • The No Riot Diet – Oh goodness—I’ll just pass saying anything on this one.
  • The No Thigh It Diet – For those seeking that insane ‘thigh gap.’ Ridiculous beyond ridiculous.
  • The No Vie It Diet – This is not a reality show competition. No fight to the finish.
  • The No Why It Diet – No questioning yourself once again why you’re embarking on the insanity of another fad diet.

Enough of my silliness. Fact: Many fad diets work—albeit temporarily. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be so popular. The problem is, for the majority of people they just aren’t sustainable.

No one-size-fits-all

There IS NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. Never has been. Every individual is unique and needs to be treated as such.handprints-pixabay-dec14-197895_150

The problem is what does work just isn’t all that sexy, new, and shiny. It is not going to get the media’s attention. There’s no magic pill, potion, product, or process that’s going to miraculously transform poor eating habits—or lifestyles.

Changing poor eating habits and improving your lifestyle is work though it necessarily musn’t be hard work.

I can help you.

Contact Neily on Nutrition for a 30-minute complimentary Ditch Dieting Forever Strategy Session and let’s get started.

Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, LD, FAND
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Wellcoach® Certified Health Coach

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