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Avocado or Asparagus: Embrace Your Difference

No matter how hard she tries the avocado will never look like the asparagusBack in my younger days I was obsessed with achieving a certain size…a number on the scale—a number I would never, could never achieve because physically and physiologically I didn’t have the DNA—it isn’t in my genes.

I remember longing for my mom’s lean legs versus inheriting my dad’s thick thighs.

Why do people struggle with such things— embrace your difference.Whether it’s dieting, or now the more commonly referenced clean eating….With the internet, social media, and influencers it’s worse.

Thank goodness I grew up in the pre-internet era. With my then existing insecurities it would have been a nightmare.

Embrace your difference

A woman blessed with a more curvaceous avocado shaped body will never acquire her friend’s asparagus shaped body. Never. No matter how hard she tries.

Who wants to obsess about every macro morsel consumed? It’s no way to live.

Looking back I think of the many years, hours, minutes wasted trying to achieve a physicality I could not ever attain. I’ve written about my story, posted on my About page here. It’s still a journey.

Although I’ll never get back the years wasted being concerned about my physique, perhaps my message will inspire other women—no matter their shape, be it avocado, asparagus, or other.

BE FREE and be well!

P.S. If you struggle with acceptance, please schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with me and let’s chat.

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11 Responses to Avocado or Asparagus: Embrace Your Difference

  • I love this !!

  • Enjoyed your article Jennifer!😊

  • Really enjoyed reading such a relatable personal story. I have struggled too with the same personal appearance and self esteem problems and it’s so nice to know my own teacher is relatable. I have chosen nutrition as my major to someday be able to help people in the same ways you do. You truly are inspiring! I can’t wait to see what else your class brings into my life!

  • Your post was a good reminder that I don’t have to be obsessed about trying to be a smaller size. I have always struggled with trying to achieve a certain size. I tried every diet and joined every fitness group that I could think of only to be right back to where I began. I finally realized that my body has an entirely different shape than what I wish I had but I have learned to be okay with that. I will never be a size 0 and that is just fine. I am happy just the way I am. I am learning to eat healthier for me. Thank you for your post.


  • I enjoyed reading this. I used to be the same way and always thought I had to be a certain number on the scale but now the older I get I realize it is about being healthy.

  • I enjoyed reading this When I was younger I used to be the same way and thought I had to be a certain number on the scale but the older I got I realized it was about being healthy.

  • When I was younger I thought the scale always had to show a certain number than as I got older I realized I just need to be healthy. -FeFe

  • I absolutely adore this blog post! Being a 5’10-5’11 woman I’ve struggled all my life with wanting to be smaller, to feel more feminine. Then when you look to the media you see all these tall women with super slender bodies and it’s hard to feel like you fit anywhere. It’s a daily struggle, but self-acceptance is something I’m working on. Such a great article!

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