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6 Super Foods to Keep on Hand (and you might already have them!)

Why is this topic of super foods important?

In this time of physical distancing, what are you doing to stay in good health? Exercising, getting good sleep, limiting alcohol, and not smoking are obvious ways to boost health. So is a nutrient-rich plant-based diet. Let’s focus though on super foods. These great foods are super for health. Continue reading

How to Make Overnight Oats – 4 ways

Do you get enough protein at breakfast? Challenged with ideas? For most people, getting adequate amounts of protein for lunch and dinner is not a problem—breakfast is another story. In this post, I’m highlighting how to make overnight oats.

Thanks to my Texas Health Resources Presby Dallas intern Madison Brown for creating the video and recipe ideas!

Here are four key factors for these recipe ideas. And here are other high protein breakfast ideas.

  • Protein – on average 20 grams per meal. The protein is important for long-lasting hunger control. Protein is also an important nutrient for our immune system!
  • Fiber – Fiber helps with hunger control also. For women, the recommendation is 25 grams per day (men 38g). Most of these have about 15g per serving – 60 percent of the daily value.
  • Simplicity – 5 or fewer ingredients per meal. Easy prep.
  • Choice of milk – if substituting non-dairy milk for cow’s milk, I recommend substituting with soymilk as it has more protein than any other plant-based milk.

Continue reading

7 Secrets to Self-Care You Need During This Time of COVID and Quarantine

With the spread of COVID-19, now more than ever self-care is critical.

I’m used to working alone – in my home office – but if being away from an office or corporate environment is new to you, what can you do?

In my BE FREE Blueprint® emotional (and spiritual) health is one of the six key principles. Self-care is about maintaining a healthy mental state. Right now let’s focus on that – secrets to self-care.

Here are some ideas to maintain sanity during these challenging times of physical (social) distancing and while we’re in quarantine. Continue reading

Is there a best diet?

It’s a new year, new decade. Of course we’re bombarded with all sorts of diets and folks setting resolutions.

Diets have been around for centuries. If dieting worked (for weight loss), wouldn’t everyone who went on one be thin? In reality it’s the contrary.

Some diets are healthy—think Mediterranean, plant-based, DASH. But what is the best diet?

(When I refer to diet, I refer to the way one chooses to eat. I have a healthy diet—that doesn’t mean I am on a diet.)

Then there are ever-present fad diets promising dramatic results. Fad diets seldom have lasting success. They often do away with entire food groups or resort to a bizarre practice. For example:

Continue reading

Avocado or Asparagus: Embrace Your Difference

Back in my younger days I was obsessed with achieving a certain size…a number on the scale—a number I would never, could never achieve because physically and physiologically I didn’t have the DNA—it isn’t in my genes.

I remember longing for my mom’s lean legs versus inheriting my dad’s thick thighs.

Why do people struggle with such things— embrace your difference. Continue reading

Dietary Supplements: The Truth About the Pills You’re Popping

My interest in dietary supplements goes way back—to when I was a kid barely into my double digits.

What I remember was secretly saving money to visit the drugstore and buy a supplement—a supplement promising me miraculous weight loss. My mom remembers it differently.

Apparently I first went to her with an ad I saw in some magazine. I’m sure I was seduced by the promising headline of miraculous weight loss. My mom however informed me not to pay attention to it—it was a rip off, a come on, it wouldn’t do anything for me. I didn’t believe her. What did she know?

I didn’t learn my lesson until decades later….with a much leaner wallet, but no leaner body. How much did I have to spend before I learned?

Lots. Continue reading

WARNING: Don’t get scammed by a keto supplement

A few months ago I wrote a post about keto supplements, keto hoax and Shark Tank. (If you’re not familiar with the ketogenic diet or ‘keto,’ read this post.) It broke my heart to see a comment from a woman who fell victim to the scheme. Several people contacted me with similar stories. Sharon gave me permission to tell her story (edited for space)—we hope we can prevent others from something similar happening. Continue reading

Blueberries – the blue jewel! It’s National Blueberry Month!

Red, white and blue – our nation’s colors. Two of those colors are the color of my favorite fruits! What’s better than strawberries and blueberries? Not much in my book. That’s why I celebrate National Blueberry Month taking the opportunity to use them in one of my fave, light and easy desserts. Strawberry/Blueberry Shortcake with Whipped Topping. Continue reading

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