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grocery shopping

Are you making these grocery store mistakes?

grocery store

With so many choices and thousands of new products every year, walking into a grocery store is challenging. It’s difficult knowing how to shop smart. In this interview with one of my dietetic interns, Carolyn Moore*, we busted a few myths and talked common grocery store mistakes people make.

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9 sugar sources in a healthy cereal?

Grocery shopping has its challenges—especially when faced with product marketing intended to help, but does it really?

I created a videosugar cereal free from 101 artificial_neily after seeing a package of cereal that looked so healthy because it was free from 101 artificial preservatives & ingredients. Thrilled at first, I looked further and then saw the Nutrition Fact panel and ingredient list. Not so thrilled. Continue reading

Why shopping with a list is critical!

Grocery shopping. Some people love it. Some hate it. But me? You would think I hated it since I go so infrequently. I’ll be down to the bare minimum in my fridge before I venture over to my local Kroger.

In between my big monthly grocery hauls are stops for some necessities. I might pick up some milk and eggs at Walgreen’s. Tomatoes are a necessity I’m never without—those I get at the Coffee Company. The Coffee Company? Yes. They’re right next to my dry cleaner and many years ago I couldn’t resist the urge to stop by as I saw a beautiful display of tomatoes outside their door with a hand lettered sign “home of the killer tomato.” How could I not stop?Coffee Company sign

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