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Secrets to Self-Care

With the spread of COVID-19, now more than ever self-care is critical.

I’m used to working alone – in my home office – but if being away from an office or corporate environment is new to you, what can you do?

In my BE FREE Blueprint® emotional (and spiritual) health is one of the six key principles. Self-care is about maintaining a healthy mental state. Right now let’s focus on that.

Here are some ideas to maintain sanity during these challenging times of social distancing.

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Is there a best diet?

It’s a new year, new decade. Of course we’re bombarded with all sorts of diets and folks setting resolutions.

Diets have been around for centuries. If dieting worked (for weight loss), wouldn’t everyone who went on one be thin? In reality it’s the contrary.

Some diets are healthy—think Mediterranean, plant-based, DASH.

(When I refer to diet, I refer to the way one chooses to eat. I have a healthy diet—that doesn’t mean I am on a diet.)

Then there are ever-present fad diets promising dramatic results. Fad diets seldom have lasting success. They often do away with entire food groups or resort to a bizarre practice. For example:

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Chuck the Cheating Mentality

No more cheating (yourself, that is) …

…with limiting words and choices that keep you from success.

Some days the smallest of choices, like eating a coworker’s birthday cake, can feel sinful, even gluttonous—in our minds. How is it we beat ourselves up over something that is not a genuine betrayal? Yet we call ourselves cheaters when we veer from our dietary goals—as if it were literally a sin.

For me, cheating is one of those cringe-worthy words that when I hear it, it is like nails on a chalkboard. (shivers!)

I’m sure you’ve heard the word in reference to a food splurge: Cheat. Cheat meal. Cheat day.

But should cheating and eating be words we associate together? Continue reading

What to Eat for Breakfast – Interview with the Nutrition Babes*

Interview with the Nutrition Babes*—What to eat for breakfast


The Nutrition Babes* ( and I had the opportunity to meet in Philadelphia at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual conference in October, 2012. Kathy Siegel, RDN, CDN and Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN are registered dietitian nutritionists passionate about better health through balanced nutrition, exercise, and cleaner living.

My clients are often challenged with breakfast ideas so I wanted to talk to them about that. Watch video or read transcript. Continue reading

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