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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day

Nutrition is a science, not an opinion. Registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN)* – trusted nutrition expert

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In addition to my nutrition coaching business, I love to teach and have been an adjunct professor teaching Principles of Nutrition since 1998. Because I encourage communication in the classroom, my students don’t hesitate to ask questions. I don’t always have the answers, but I’m committed to finding out what’s known and new in the field. For example, a while back a student asked about oil pulling. What? I had never heard of it. I thought she was joking when she explained what it was. Continue reading

Nutrition is science. Get advice from professionals that studied the science—Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

March is National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month 2015 bite into a healthy lifestyle

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 is National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day.
Yes—we have our own day! I love being an RDN.

In 1998 I obtained the credential registered dietitian (RD). In 2013 the addition of nutritionist was formally added to it—registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). Our profession has the choice to use RD or RDN and I quickly adopted RDN because:

  1. Few people know what an RD is, unfortunately.
  2. People seem to have a better understanding of the word nutritionist. But do people realize in most states anyone can call themselves a nutritionist? No certification or credentialing required. None. Zero. Zip.
  3. All registered dietitians are nutritionists but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians. Continue reading
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