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“Helping women improve health, age gracefully, and have abundant energy to live the lifestyle of their dreams!”

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Are you ready for the coach approach? Do you want to:
  • Increase your energy?
  • Take control of your health?
  • Decrease risk of chronic disease?
  • Learn strategies to overcome obstacles?
  • Develop personal strategies for nutrition, physical activity, stress management?
  • Become empowered to achieve your best health?
  • Trade the scale for non-scale victories?

I wanted to find a nutritionist who would not only educate me but motivate me as well.  My sessions with Jennifer Neily far exceeded my expectations!  She didn’t have a cookie cutter formula—one size fits all, but instead she asked me questions that helped me find my own strategies, and then she held me accountable to the steps I chose to reach my goals.  Jennifer has a very encouraging demeanor—she is understanding, yet doesn’t let you make excuses.  I am grateful for all she taught me about nutrition, but more than that, what she taught me about myself.  She’s awesome!!!
– Anne Marie Knop  |  Dallas, Texas

Jennifer Neily | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Wellcoach Certified Health Coach
What is coaching?

There are business and life coaches, and of course athletes have been working with sports coaches forever. Professional wellness coaches help individuals reach their optimal health. This is what I do—empower individuals to achieve their best.

Combining my 20 plus years of expertise and experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) with my Wellcoach® Certified Health Coach certification, you have the ideal situation.vegetables-farmersmkt-621782_640=pixabay | coaching

How does it work?

Wellness coaching does not happen overnight but over a period of time—months, sometimes years.

  • After a 30-minute complimentary strategy session, together we determine if we are a good fit and if so determine which program best suits your needs. (Please note: If the number on the scale is your only motivating factor and how you will define your success we’re probably not an ideal match. IF however you’re interested in behavior change, lifestyle modification, and non-scale victories, let’s talk!)
  • Through weekly 30 to 40-minute phone (or Skype) coaching sessions we review goals, discuss goal attainment, identify strengths to move forward, explore pressing issues, and then set goals for the coming week. We are partners in the process.
  • You will receive many resources—articles, Neily’s done-for-you handouts, worksheets, meal ideas, etc—throughout your program.

My coaching program is about making a difference in peoples’ lives by adding value and having an impact. I do this by sharing wisdom, stories, and teaching people to see things a different way.

My clients count on me to speak from the heart and with passion. They trust me to add value and contribute by educating them and making learning/growing fun while moving them forward in their progress. If that sounds like something you would like, I’m ready to work with you.

Strategy Session

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I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew from a portion of Jennifer’s presentation at North Garland Mukidah Wiggins | coachingBaptist Fellowship I needed to investigate her expertise. Her coaching style of knowing the right questions to inspire was amazing. No matter the subject, she was able to get me engaged to research on my own which in turn ensured my level of understanding this world of nutrition and the complexities of insulin, carbohydrates, blood glucose, glycemic index, glycemic load and more. My experience was simply AMAZING and I’m so very thankful for being a student under Jennifer’s tutelage.            – Mukidah Wiggins | Dallas, Texas

Neily on Nutrition program offerings

6015-tomato-neily coachingYou likely know what to do, it’s a matter of doing it that might be the issue. That’s where I come in.

You hire me to establish lifelong habits and help transform your health. I’m your nutrition support and accountability coach with a proven track record of helping people achieve their goals. Read what they have to say.

As your coach, I’ll help you create optimal health and natural energy as your foundation for success and continuing success. Several options are available, all providing one-on-one comprehensive time with me.


  • The BE FREE™ Blueprint—The 90-day Transformation: Naturally Increase Energy and Feel More Confident in 90 Days
    • This is my signature program and the most popular. Together we determine where you’re at and where you want to be. We determine what works | coaching best, we redesign and we tweak—one step at a time.
    • You will:
      • Get unstuck
      • Find your motivation
      • Replace bad habits with good
      • Feel more energized—discover your energy busters and energy boosters
      • Improve your health, happiness, and overall well-being
      • Receive tools, ideas, and material that reinforces your changes
      • Create a lasting healthy routine
      • Receive a Neily on Nutrition personalized journal for tracking and other tools
      • And much more!
    • Twelve sessions:
      • Eleven 30-40 minute sessions—over the phone (or Skype). In some instances we may meet in person. ($2,000 value)
      • Grocery store tour (in person if in the Dallas/Ft Worth area). A 1.5-2 hour session where we walk the aisles, shop, study food labels, bust grocery store/shopping myths, and learn how to navigate the store. The session is totally personalized to you and your needs. ($500 value)
    • You will receive many resources—articles, Neily’s done-for-you handouts, worksheets, meal ideas, etc—throughout your program.
    • About one-third or half way through you will complete the Lifestyle Patterns Questionnaire which helps identify patterns related to Eating, Exercise, and Coping. We will use the results and associated client education material to help further move you forward. ($300 value)
    • Between our strategy sessions you will use the BE FREE™ Blueprint—tools to further move you forward.
    • The 90-Day Transformation works great for most people. Whether your goal is healthy weight loss, better sleep, disease prevention/management, work/life balance or some other health goal, this is the program for you.
    • The skills you learn and the non-scale victories (NSVs) you receive are endless (and priceless).

  • The 28-Day BE FREE™ Kick-Start
    • The Kick-Start is for the person looking to change one habit. For example, a new vegan making certain to receive adequate protein and nutrition or for someone looking to kick a sugar habit. The longer programs are best suited for weight management.
    • We meet for four 30-40 minute sessions—over the phone (or Skype).
    • The skills you learn and the non-scale victories (NSVs) you receive are endless (and priceless).
What can you expect?

Whichever program you choose, expect plenty of ah-ha moments along the way. Most of my clients achieve nearly 100 percent of their goals and are ready to embark into new areas. Within 6 to 9 months—if not sooner—your confidence, mindset, and behavior should be changed for good.

Are you ready to explore your next step and schedule your
complimentary 30-minute strategy session?

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Jennifer Neily has been an excellent coach and I benefited
from her coaching program! I’ve Katie Findley - testimonial | coachingbecome a lot more aware and enlightened about my negative eating habits and the driving force behind them. Jennifer provided helpful guidance to develop self-discipline methods to overcome negative behaviors. She coached me to use great strategies and shared great resources and encouragement throughout this process. I have started to develop a more healthy relationship with food and with my body. In fact, eating healthy has become enjoyable and no longer causes anxiety and stress!
− Katie Findley | Dallas, Texas


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"Neily helped me define areas in my diet that needed tweaking so I would have more energy. She also made me aware of my emotional triggers and how to develop positive ways of dealing with triggers. My friends noticed my changes—I notice my empowerment." − Alice Seale | Dallas, Texas

"Jennifer Neily provided information, backed by science and resources, enabling me to make informed decisions regarding my overall health—diet, exercise, mental, lifestyle. The results were seen in modified behaviors, improved lab results, improved fitness and mental capacity. She is upbeat and encouraging! It was a pleasure working with her!" − Paula M | Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I am not sure what made me 'ready' but very thankful my internet search led me to the 'teacher-coach-dietitian' Jennifer Neily. Our coaching sessions enabled me to become a better, healthier me! Thank you!" − Erika Zanders | Dallas, Texas

"Working with Neily opened my eyes to a lot of my unhealthy eating patterns, such as being more aware of mindless eating and when I'm actually hungry versus full. I also found she helped me discern better food choices. Neily is a great support and always there to answer questions and cheer you on!" − Lorie Burch | Plano, Texas

"From the beginning I felt we were a team—I had support from someone who had knowledge and insight to guide and advise me. You asked questions that helped me delve deeper into desire, planning and strategies. The concept of non-scale victories was new and extremely powerful since I often battle feelings of failure that whatever I do is not enough. I realize it is not all about the scale. When I remember all the positive results I have experienced—all the non-scale victories—I feel better about myself and my self-discipline. Thank you Jennifer Neily!" − Susie Phillips | Dallas, Texas

"I emailed several nutritionists when I wanted to learn healthier eating habits. Jennifer contacted me and within those first few minutes I quickly knew she was the nutritionist for me. She listened to my struggles and helped me with my goals which is something I am able to do since I am a licensed professional counselor. However she helped me realize my issues with food and just how deep they were. Jennifer helped me build a healthy relationship with food and change my lifestyle. As a counselor, I have worked with many therapists. I have been to several therapists and even though Jen is not a therapist she has the skills it takes to support, listen, validate, challenge and create an achievable plan to reach your goals. She will always be my food therapist and I wouldn't be where I am today without her. I am a better therapist. I am a better friend. I am a better person because of her." − Lindsay K | Dallas, Texas