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Called upon as a nutrition expert for TV, print, radio, and online channels, Jennifer translates complicated nutrition-science information into easy-to-understand language.

If you are a journalist, producer, or writer looking for an objective nutrition professional to enhance your story, contact Jennifer.

Get the facts out about your product. If you are a PR agency or manufacturer and want to lend credibility to your product with Jennifer’s exceptional credentials and expertise, contact her today.


With so much misinformation, sales-pitches and myths flying under the heading of NUTRITION, it’s been great to have Jennifer Neily as a voice of reason providing reliable advice.  She gets real about what we’re eating (yes, it’s fast food sometimes) and  offers the same style of  truly helpful advice for making better choices and realistic changes to live healthy.  She’s a strong researcher and understands the need, not to just talk on TV, but show people what to do with plenty of props and action on set.



Jennifer Neily is known in the media community as a trusted authority on nutrition and food-science-related discussion. As an editor, I’ve turned to her multiple times for everything from analyzing the caloric intake of pizza at a local restaurant to explaining the scientific process of testing resting metabolic rate and putting it into layman’s terms. She’s authoritative yet personable, and has obvious dedication and willingness to share her knowledge and passion for nutrition.


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Interviewed & Quoted
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  • WebMD, Interviewed regarding book Eat This, Not That
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  • KEOM 88.5 radio segment Nutrition Tips for a Healthier Holiday
  • KSKY Radio 660, Healthy Living from the Cooper Aerobics Center, 2-hour talk show with host Todd Whitthorne
  • KSKY Radio 660, Healthy Living from the Cooper Aerobics Center , 2-hour talk show with host Todd Whitthorne
  • KRLD Radio taping, Healthy Restaurant Dining tips
  • WebMD Live Chat, Supersize Your Life: Food Facts and Fiction
  •  660 KSKY Healthy Living Radio with Dr. Ken Cooper  Interview with host  Todd Whitthorne regarding current nutrition issues
  • 1080 KRLD radio, Live interview regarding empty calories


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