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Really interesting discussion on a Twitter chat I participated in recently. For those not familiar with chats they’re an opportunity for tweet peeps to get ‘together’ at a certain date and time to discuss a topic. Everyone uses the same hashtag. For example #healthtalk is the tweetchat I participated in. Hosted by @EverydayHealth (, registered dietitian nutritionist Rachel Begun (@RachelBegunRD) was the special guest on the topic of superfoods.

What do you think of when you hear that word—superfood? Does a particular food come to mind? To some perhaps, but to many on the chat it was much bigger than that. Here were some tweet highlights: Continue reading

Nuts about Nuts – Guest Blog

One of the benefits of being a registered dietitian nutritionist is the opportunity to be a mentor preceptor for aspiring RDNs. This week I had the pleasure of having Texas Woman’s University intern Monica Parodi working with me. One of her projects was to guest blog on Neily on Nutrition. She loves nuts and chose to write about them. Thanks Monica!Monica Parodi best

Nuts about Nuts

Nuts are definitely one of my favorite go-to snacks. They are not only tasty and crunchy but also a nutrient powerhouse. In adequate amounts, nuts can help tie you over to your next meal. Many people shy away from them because of their high fat and calorie content per serving. However, they are packed with fiber, protein and healthy fat! Continue reading

What about the dads? Is nutrition important for men during their wife’s pregnancy?

We're Having a Baby!

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Pregnancy w/ author Bridget Swinney—Tips to maximize health of baby – part 3

In our third of three interviews, registered dietitian nutritionist and author of Eating Expectantly: Practical Advice for Healthy Eating Before, During and After Pregnancy, and I discussed ways that the men contribute to the health of the baby. (To watch video, scroll to bottom or click here)

Neily: I am with Bridget Swinney. She is a pre-natal and childhood specialist and author of Eating Expectantly: Practical Advice for Healthy Eating Before, During and After Pregnancy, coming out in 2013. We talked about women who are overweight, normal weight women. Now, what about the dads?
Bridget: Most people think that dads just contribute that Y chromosome. Really, their role is much greater than that. A dad’s diet before their wife conceives can actually affect the chances of his wife becoming pregnant. But it can also affect the health of his child. So it is very exciting for men to now know that they can improve their diet, follow the same pre-pregnancy diet that their wives follow— rich in fruits and vegetables, watching saturated fats. A heart healthy diet is really important for sperm function. In fact, recent studies show that men who ate walnuts daily, about 75 gm a day had actually improved the quality of their sperm and cut down on chromosomal defects. Which is really exciting that one simple addition to your diet can make a difference to future generations.
Neily: 75 grams?
Bridget: That’s just a little over 2.5 ounces. So, it is definitely a hefty serving but if you think about men eating chips or crackers or something like that, it is a pretty easy substitution.
Neily: And an ounce is roughly about a handful.
Bridget: Right. Walnuts are pretty big so a hefty handful would be 2.5 ounces. Another thing that men can do is watch the antioxidants in their diet, specially vitamins E and C because that also plays a big role in chromosomal damage. Men who do not have enough vitamin C in their diet tend to have more damage of their sperm, which can transfer to birth defects. Men really need to be eating their fruits and vegetables also.
Neily: So, if a family is having trouble with pregnancy, then not just looking at mom’s diet but also dad’s diet… that’s important to know.
Bridget: Yes. You know, a lot of times with infertility, the causes are unknown. And we are suspecting more and more that diet may be the factor that nobody has looked at.
Neily: That’s why you need registered dietitians!
Bridget: Right.
Neily: Great. Thanks so much! Bridget Swinney, author of ‘Eating Expectantly’.


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