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“Self-trust is the first secret of success.”
− Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Neily helped me realize that I could live a healthy and active lifestyle without starving myself or going on crazy crash diets. Her approach helped me understand how to make healthier choices and I didn’t feel like I was having to sacrifice foods I loved. She helped me change my mindset on how to approach everyday food choices.” – Liz H.

My visits with Neily we’re always very supportive and encouraging. In our discussions she helped me to have a positive mind shift about food, my behaviors, and thoughts about food. At the end of each call Neily helped me identify the next action to take for the following week helping me keep focused on my goals. Neily is very engaging and very uplifting! —Paula S. | Dallas Texas

“Neily has been a great advisor about the helpfulness of every day foods. She doesn’t advocate any strange diets or crazy exercise schemes. She takes the ‘bad!’ out of all foods and replaces it with ‘consider eating more of this one to replace less about one.’ Good stuff!” —Ellen Brisendine | DFW area

I entered the process thinking it was all about food. At the end of our work together I learned that there is so much more to Nutrition then just food. Neily is a great educator and I feel so much better about myself after working with her. I highly recommend her.—Dallas, Texas

“I would love to recommend Neily on Nutrition! Neily is such a pleasure to learn from and my family and I will benefit from her teaching us about nutrition the rest of our lives. Very informative!” – Sharon H. | Dallas, Texas

I am not sure what made me ‘ready’ but very thankful my internet search led me to the ‘teacher-coach-dietitian’ Jennifer Neily. Our coaching sessions enabled me to become a better, healthier me! Thank you!
− Erika Zanders | Dallas, Texas

“Working with Neily opened my eyes to a lot of my unhealthy eating patterns, such as being more aware of mindless eating and when I’m actually hungry versus full. I also found she helped me discern better food choices. Neily is a great support and always there to answer questions and cheer you on!” − Lorie Burch | Plano, Texas

Jennifer Neily has given me the tools, skills, knowledge and inspiration I need to reset my foundation on food and eating. I have a better understanding and respect for food. I used to loathe the physical act of eating and I would go days without food, then binge eat on junk because it was the quickest fix to my starvation. Jennifer has shown me how to eat, how to honor when I am full, and has given me my time back without being consumed with my fear of food. I couldn’t be happier, I haven’t felt this good in a long time and I now eat every day, several times a day. Thank you, Jennifer!!   – Krisha McCurry | Dallas, Texas


“I am extremely happy with the help from dietitian and coach Jennifer Neily. My views of nutrition, health and science are counter to mainstream thinking. Yet, rather than dogmatically regurgitate the facile advice from pop health magazines, Neily listened closely to my personal concerns and created a workable, effective plan for me. Whenever I pushed back on some teaching, she modified the principle to meet my individual preferences (while maintaining the positive health benefit). I have accomplished goals I never thought I’d reach and am optimistic about my future. In short, Neily was life changing for me. My highest recommendation.” − Steve Malin | Dallas, Texas


I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew from a portion of Jennifer’s presentation at North Garland Mukidah WigginsBaptist Fellowship I needed to investigate her expertise. Her coaching style of knowing the right questions to inspire was amazing. No matter the subject, she was able to get me engaged to research on my own which in turn ensured my level of understanding this world of nutrition and the complexities of insulin, carbohydrates, blood glucose, glycemic index, glycemic load and more. My experience was simply AMAZING and I’m so very thankful for being a student under Jennifer’s tutelage.            – Mukidah Wiggins | Dallas, Texas


“Jennifer is a very supportive person who helped me recognize some behavioral issues and attitudes I didn’t realize were holding me back. My time with her was very insightful. She made me feel much more positive and in control of my behavior. During my time with her, I was able to rethink and correct several key issues that promote a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer is a lovely person to work with!”  – Dian Hetrick | Midlothian, Texas


Jennifer Neily was a positive, yet firm voice of support and guidance on my journey to better health and eating habits. Progress and lasting changes are not an easy, one dimensional fix. Jennifer is equipped to effectively evaluate and explore the layered causes and their complementary solutions to implement change for the better. She is motivating, thoughtful and very much in touch with current nutritional science information. In our time together I began eating more nutritionally dense foods, focusing on different macronutrients and listening to my body’s true hunger needs. Jennifer always had resources and handouts for me to reference in addition to her fantastic website and YouTube channel full of tips and information. I highly recommend Neily on Nutrition for learning how to unlock your own best health and wellness potential!  − Heather Test | Dallas, Texas


“When I first met Jennifer, I was lost and a little overwhelmed with all of the ‘expert’ recommendations/ resources from the internet and fitness world. She helped to bring clarity to all of the noise and simplified how I viewed and approached food. I am now more mindful about how and what I eat, no longer associate guilt when I choose to occasionally enjoy foods that were previously ‘off-limits,’ and have more control of my eating due to the techniques I learned from her. Jennifer has been a blessing to me and I’m so thankful for her expertise, support, and encouragement!”
− Letitia S. | McKinney, Texas


 Jennifer Neily has been an excellent coach and I have benefited from her coaching program! I have Katie Findley - testimonialbecome a lot more aware and enlightened about my negative eating habits and the driving force behind them. Jennifer provided helpful guidance to develop self-discipline methods to overcome negative behaviors. She coached me to use great strategies and shared great resources and encouragement throughout the process. I have started to develop a more healthy relationship with food and with my body. In fact, eating healthy has become enjoyable and no longer causes anxiety and stress!
− Katie Findley | Dallas, Texas


“I wanted to find a nutritionist who would not only educate me but motivate me as well.  My sessions with Jennifer far exceeded my expectations!  She didn’t have a cookie cutter formula—one size fits all, but instead she asked me questions that helped me find my own strategies, and then she held me accountable to the steps I chose to reach my goals.  Jennifer has a very encouraging demeanor—she is understanding, yet doesn’t let you make excuses.  I am grateful for all she taught me about nutrition, but more than that, what she taught me about myself.  She’s awesome!!!” Anne Marie Knop  |  Dallas, Texas


Susie_Phillips_Art_Neily_testimonialFrom the beginning I felt we were a team—I had support from someone who had knowledge and insight to guide and advise me. You asked questions that helped me delve deeper into desire, planning and strategies. The concept of non-scale victories was new and extremely powerful since I often battle feelings of failure that whatever I do is not enough. I realize it is not all about the scale. When I remember all the positive results I have experienced—all the non-scale victories—I feel better about myself and my self-discipline. Thank you Jennifer!    − Susie P. | Dallas, Texas

“Neily helped me define areas in my diet that needed tweaking so I would have more energy. She also made me aware of my emotional triggers and how to develop positive ways of dealing with triggers. My friends noticed my changes—I notice my empowerment.” − Alice Seale | Dallas, Texas


At 62 years old I found myself in a rut…physically and emotionally. I knew I had to do something to change that. Working with Jennifer Neily has taught me the skills I need to care for myself to become a healthier me, in all areas of my life. − Elaine Ludeman | Toledo, Ohio


I emailed several nutritionists when I wanted to learn healthier eating habits. Jennifer contacted me and within those first few minutes I quickly knew she was the Lindsay Kalish client Neilynutritionist for me. She listened to my struggles and helped me with my goals which is something I am able to do since I am a licensed professional counselor. However she helped me realize my issues with food and just how deep they were. Jennifer helped me build a healthy relationship with food and change my lifestyle. As a counselor, I have worked with many therapists. I have been to several therapists and even though Jen is not a therapist she has the skills it takes to support, listen, validate, challenge and create an achievable plan to reach your goals. She will always be my food therapist and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I am a better therapist. I am a better friend. I am a better person because of her.”    − Lindsay K. | Dallas, Texas


I was a client of Jennifer Neily and she was an instrumental force in my journey.  She was supportive and understanding and tough—all in perfect measure.  She kept me focused on the main goal—healthy living.  Jennifer taught me the numbers on the scale are not everything, but that exercise and good nutrition are the most important measures of success.  I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from her direction, advice and support.   − Suzannah White | Dallas, Texas


“Jennifer Neily offers a realistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle. She showed me how to eat within my means and make better choices. Jennifer never made me feel as though I was ‘giving up’ anything – what she gave me was a path to better health.”   − Jennifer Bassman | Dallas, Texas

“Your program has completely changed the way I look at food! I feel I have liberated myself from my addiction to sweets and I can now concentrate on being healthier.”   − Lourdes Yanouri | Arlington, Texas


I first consulted Jennifer to lose a few pounds and develop a plan of attack to prevent a familial predisposition to diabetes and high cholesterol.  Today I am almost 50 lbs lighter; blood sugars and cholesterol are in normal ranges.  I weigh the same that I did 25 years ago, but have much more vigor and stamina.  Jennifer helped me realize everything that goes in my mouth directly affects my body and energy levels.  She kept me motivated offering me great suggestions for portion control, making better food choices, both at home and at restaurants.  I steadily lost weight while eating a variety of real foods, not some flavorless diet formulation.  I never feel deprived.  I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone seeking to improve his or her health!
− Anne Visser | Dallas, Texas


What others say


“Ms. Jennifer B. Neily, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, is a registered dietitian and sports specialist who became a member of the staff of the Cooper Clinic May 24, 2004.  During the past five years, she has performed in an exceptional manner both working with and caring for patients and fulfilling administrative responsibilities.  She was used as a spokesperson for the Cooper Clinic both in newspaper articles and on television.  She presents herself in a very professional and effective manner.  I would highly recommend her.”

Dr. CooperKenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH
Founder and Chairman

Cooper Aerobics Center




With so much misinformation, sales-pitches and myths flying under the heading of NUTRITION, it’s been great to have Jennifer Neily as a voice of reason providing reliable advice.  She gets real about what we’re eating (yes, it’s fast food sometimes) and  offers the same style of  truly helpful advice for making better choices and realistic changes to live healthy.  She’s a strong researcher and understands the need, not to just talk on TV, but show people what to do with plenty of props and action on set.

fox4newsDana Driver
Fox 4 Good Day



“Jennifer Neily is an outstanding dietitian and a delight to work with.  As the former host of a nationally syndicated radio program I would often rely on Jennifer to help demystify the world of nutrition.  Whether it be ‘on-air,’ from the platform, or one-on-one, her communication style always connects with the audience.  I have also witnessed the respect that Jennifer has from her peers in the dietetic community.  I think the best way to summarize Jennifer is that she is a nutrition expert that truly ‘gets it.'”

Todd W professional photoTodd Whitthorne
Former President & CEO
Cooper Concepts, a Cooper Aerobics Company


Jennifer Neily is known in the media community as a trusted authority on nutrition and food-science-related discussion. As an editor, I’ve turned to her multiple times for everything from analyzing the caloric intake of pizza at a local restaurant to explaining the scientific process of testing resting metabolic rate and putting it into layman’s terms. She’s authoritative yet personable, and has obvious dedication and willingness to share her knowledge and passion for nutrition.

fdluxeJessica Elliott
Former Managing Editor
FD LuxeThe Dallas Morning News



I first met Jennifer Neily while we both worked at the Cooper Clinic.  Simply stated, I found her product knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm exemplary. If I had a dietetic problem, she would be the first person I would turn to for counsel. If I had a corporate need for a dietitian, she would be my first choice to fill the position.

Thomas F. Stumpf
TFS Consultancy, Inc.
Dallas, Texas


Saying that I only enjoyed this class would be an understatement! I honestly did not think I could handle a 3 hour night class, but I looked forward to it every week. My major—nursing—has been the same since my junior year in high school but has changed (to nutrition) because of you. I couldn’t be happier! I have been diabetic for over 7 years and didn’t think I could learn anything more than I already knew, but I have. Thank you for forever changing my life because of this class.

Semira Abdourezak
Richland College


“Ms. Neily, if there was ever a moment in your career where you could recall making a difference, PLEASE remember this semester. I owe you on so many levels for the priceless knowledge you have instilled in my mind and heart. I am the difference you made. I will make it. I will LIVE!”

Amy Mathis
Richland College

“Of all the attitudes we can acquire,
surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important
and by far the most life-changing.”
− Zig Ziglar

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