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Healthy Diets / Healthy Eating

The Plant-Powered Diet
author Sharon Palmer

Reap benefits w/o
being a strict vegetarian

Meatless Monday
what’s it about?

Author Sharon Palmer
talks organic

Nutrition Babes with some
easy quick breakfast ideas

Nutrition Babes with mid-
afternoon snack ideas

Author Wendy Jo Peterson
explains Mediterranean Diet

Quick meal ideas for the
Mediterranean diet

6 simple steps for
healthy eating

WHY it’s so important to
read food labels

There’s how much
sugar in that?

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Plant-based 'milks' are popular but the only one most comparable to dairy is fortified soymilk. Plant-based milks often lack protein at 1g per 8oz. Soymilk has 7g whereas dairy milk has 8g per 8oz. I personally like cow's milk the best. :) #rdchat #nutrition #dairy…

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