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YOU are enough! Ditch the diet

Ditch the Diet

The New Year is here and with it the onslaught of resolutions. “This year will be the year when…” Fill in the blank: “I lose weight.” “I start exercising.” Yada. Yada. Yada.

Thousands of advertising messages will prey upon people’s insecurities with digitally enhanced photos of bodies no one IRL (in real life) has. A body you could have—if only.

Who’s to say you are not enough just as you are? You are enough!

A life without diets

Imagine a life without diets. What would happen to industries pushing pills, potions, and programs promising a better life? What if people stopped dieting, stopped obsessing about a number on the scale?

Think about it.

Quit lining the pockets of industries thriving on your insecurities.

Rebel! You have power—you have a voice. Don’t waste money on often empty promises—thinking, hoping, wishing, “This time it will work.”

Weight Watchers has been around over 50 years and stands the test of time. Yet how many members leave WW only to return hoping for the same success as their first time?

It’s not just Weight Watchers, it’s any diet.

For men, it’s Paleo, Atkins or some iteration of a high protein/low carb diet. They work it, achieve success, then resort to old habits. Eventually, they’ll decide to try again. For women, it’s Weight Watchers, Whole30, Paleo, or the FofD (Fad-of-the-Day). And let’s not forget the up and comers—keto and intermittent fasting.

It’s an interesting phenomenon. Every diet often works the first time, sometimes with significant success. Seldom so on future attempts.

Neily’s definition of insanity


Insanity: When you try one diet after another, losing weight each time followed by a rebound in weight gain. Then doing it over again (and again)!


Stop the insanity

Here’s the thing. The dieting industry does not want you to succeed. Well, it does, just not forever. Because where would it be? It needs your failures, your insecurities.

For your own health. Stop this insanity. If you have a clean bill of health, why not accept where you are right now?

I recently coached a woman I’d been seeing for months. What I saw this recent visit was confidence and pride in how she carried herself. Not that she didn’t have it before, but this was different—and remarkable.

What changed? She’d experienced the behavior changes moving her forward, but one thing, in particular, made the difference. She added a few new clothes she felt good wearing.

Is a wardrobe update required? No, but it worked for her and it’s a strategy that could work for you.

Resolutions for you to choose

How about these for the coming year resolutions.

  • I won’t give the diet industry my money.
  • I won’t listen to a coworker (or friend) claiming the magic elixir in the supplement she’s selling.
  • I won’t exercise out of guilt.
  • I will exercise/move more because I enjoy how it makes me feel.
  • I will be kind to myself.

What’s the one thing you can do now to move forward feeling better about yourself?

Let me know if you need help and want to chat. Let’s talk. Schedule a complimentary session at

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Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, LD, FAND
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Wellcoach® Certified Health Coach
@JenniferNeily Twitter | @NeilyonNutrition Instagram

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23 Responses to YOU are enough! Ditch the diet

  • I choose the resolution “I will exercise/move more because I enjoy how it makes me feel”. I know it will definitely boost my overall well-being. I will have more energy throughout the day. I choose a healthier way of life…

  • I really enjoyed this post, especially since this is something I am working on. I would love to live a healthy life without having to try diet after diet. I am thankful that I enjoy exercising and being active but trying to learn how to balance my eating and reduce my emotional eating.

  • I totally love this post! I find myself looking in the mirror and being discouraged thinking I am not enough. But now I’m going to work on living a healthy clean life because I love the amount of energy I have in the morning after a wonderful exercise and healthy breakfast.

  • I LOVE this article, especially the suggestion to resolve to “move more because I enjoy how it makes me feel.” This is the ONLY reason that can bring me to exercise, and it’s helped me get rid of toxic weight-loss-oriented behaviors and shift toward more strength- and agility-oriented workout regimens.

  • This post is really interesting to read. A lot of companies will try to make money out of people during the resolution. It is up to people to motivate to stay healthy and take care of themselves.

    -Lay Lay

  • This post is really interesting to read. A lot of companies will try to make money out of people during the resolution. It is up to people to motivate to stay healthy and take care of themselves.

    -Lay Lay

  • This by far has to be my favorite blog of yours! Maybe because I been told I need to go on a diet or I need to go to the gym quite often. And yes I believe it is insanity to try a new diet again and again! Also thanks about informing me about the diet companies that just want our money.

    • Oh goodness Lina…that breaks my heart…who is telling you need to diet or get to the gym? 🙁
      Personally I do not think it is useful information. It is ‘fat-shaming’ and the world needs to quit condemning people who don’t have perfect bodies.
      Thanks for your comment and glad you liked my post! -Neily

  • this post really opened my eyes. All my life i have thought that i need to diet and cleanse everyday just so that i can feel enough and worth.

    • Oh gosh Naomi…no no no… dieting and cleanses are not the answer. Keep watching my social media and I’ll point you in the right direction on best practices! -Neily

  • I LOVE this article so much! The bigger message that is communicated to readers is that we are worth more than a fad or trend! Dieting may be effective for a short term goal, but it is not a sustainable lifestyle, and leads to so many feelings like shame, guilt, and a constant desire to strive towards an unattainable “perfection”.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it Liz! YES! We are worth more than diet culture gives us credit for. Feel free to share with anyone you think would benefit from the message!

  • I LOVE this article! The bigger message that is communicated to your readers is that we are worth more than a fad or trend!! Intense dieting may provide effective outcomes for a short term goal, but is not a sustainable lifestyle. Thank you for reminding us to love ourselves and set realistic goals!

  • Great insight on how dieting industries work. It’s true that the companies want you to succeed but not for long time. That’s how they get their repeat customer which is the best thing that can happen to a business. Exercise regularly and take it as a hobby. Not as some kind of favor or burden. That will help you to be motivated and happy for a long time.

  • I love this article. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Great article!

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